Dr. John Wade MD, FRCPC Rheumatologist

MD, FRCPC Rheumatologist

Dr. John Wade is a leading rheumatologist in Canada. He believes that outstanding clinical and diagnostic assessment combined with generational change in therapeutics over the last decade have altered the lives of patients with arthritis for the better.

Dr. John Wade completed his medical studies at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Medical School. Since returning to Vancouver General Hospital and the University of British Columbia, he has focused on optimizing care for patients with arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.

He has been a leader in training future generations of doctors. Dr Wade has served as Head, Division of Rheumatology, Vancouver General Hospital; Post Graduate Medical Director, Department of Medicine , University of British Columbia; Board Member, The Arthritis Society BC and Yukon Division and President Medical Staff, Vancouver General Hospital.

Dr. Wade has spent over 20 years being a leader in continuing medical education. He believes that learning is a lifelong experience. He has chaired over 50 local, national and international medical meetings to improve doctors’ knowledge in both internal medicine and rheumatology.

Dr Wade and his colleagues at ARTUS Health Centre strive to offer outstanding care to treat patients with arthritis.

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Dr. John Wade, MD, FRCP, Rheumatologist

The importance of medication adherence and alternative medications

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